Autodesk® Civil 3D – Is Dynamo a valid option for Autodesk Civil 3D?

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Dynamo has been well implemented in the Building industry covering products like Revit and Advanced Steel. This year however Dynamo has been introduced for the Infrastructure industry covering Civil 3D 2020. READ MORE [...]

Autodesk Customer Success Story – Rosnovanu & Associates

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Established in 1983, Rosnovanu & Associates has developed a name for reliability and innovation in the consulting, civil and structural engineering fields. The practice has been involved in the design and supervision of numerous [...]

Autodesk Customer Success Story – VLE Draughting

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VLE worked with its client, DeltaBlocSA, in the Design and re-creation of various concrete moulds. The design consisted mostly of plate work. DeltaBlocSA's requirements were to use an existing 3D solid, representing the concrete shape, [...]

Prokon now Autodesk Construction Specialised

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Prokon Software Consultants (PTY) Ltd Earns Autodesk Construction Specialisation Pretoria, South Africa – Prokon Software Consultants, the preferred Autodesk Gold Partner for Civil and Structural Engineering in South Africa and an Accredited Training & [...]

Prokon Probar for Autodesk® Revit®

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As BIM (Building Information Modelling) is becoming increasingly popular for design, it is essential developing ways to improve workflows for users. More and more engineering companies are taking the step towards 3D reinforcement modelling and [...]

Streamline BIM Project Review and Coordination Workflows

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With more complex projects and distributed teams, more time is spent on coordinating models which have a bigger impact on the project timeline. Design and Construction Teams are also much more dependent on the model [...]

Autodesk® Storm and Sanitary Analysis

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Autodesk® have provided a unique solution catering to urban and water engineers, in order to efficiently and intelligently model and analyse urban drainage systems, stormwater and sanitary sewer systems. This solution forms part of the [...]