Prokon Products

Prokon provides engineers with tools to streamline their workflow in the structural and geotechnical spheres. The tools inched from the Prokon Calcpad, a very powerful objection for interaction with the design modules. Export to PDF and a compact file format has made the Prokon Calcpad a winning tool for designers. All the modules boast an extensive help system, example files, support logging tools, and are supported by qualified engineers.

Autodesk Extensions

Prokon is an Autodesk Gold Partner as well as an Authorised Developer. Prokon develops applications that enhance the Autodesk functionality for Civil and Structural Engineers within the South African market. The Autodesk extensions include; Probar 2D (Autopadds), ProDesk and ProNET.
Probar 2D (Autopadds)

Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis is determining the effects of loads on physical structures and their components. The Prokon suite provides quick and reliable answers to everyday structural engineering problems. The steel modules include; SUMO, Frame Analysis, Plane Stress Analysis, Single Span Analysis, and Beam on Elastic Support Analysis.
Frame Analysis
Single Span Beam
Beam Support
Plane Stress / Strain
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Steel Member

The Steel Member Design Modules include; Member Design for Axial Stress, Member Design for Combined Stress, Crane Gantry Girder Design & Plate Girder Design. These modules are predominately used for checking and optimising steel members. They can quickly and accurately determine envelopes for all required design forces, moments and deflections. Some modules interact with Sumo Structural Modeller, Frame Analysis and Single Span Beam Analysis, allowing you to effortlessly post-process analysis results.
Axial Stress
Combined Stress
Crane gantry girder
Plate girder

Steel Connection

Prokon Steel Design Modules are used primarily in conjunction with Frame Analysis. After an analysis, you can link to the design modules by simply clicking a connection or support node. With the click of your mouse -- all information relating to the connection geometry and design loads will be exported to the connection design module. The connection design modules have the ability to display connections in 2D or 3D. You can export the pictures as drawings to PADDS, Probar 2D (Autopadds), AutoCAD and other CAD software.
Base Plate
Beam Column Connection
Bolt Group
Weld Group
Fin Plate


Input of the geometry and/or load cases in some of the concrete design modules can be automated by linking from the analysis results in Frame and/or SUMO Analysis. The workflow is further enhanced by semi-automatic generation of reinforcement bending schedules by most of the concrete design modules. Bending schedules are stored as drawing files that can be opened with, edited (if needed) and printed using PADDS or Probar 2D (Autopadds).
Slab Design
Rectangular Panel
Rectangular Column
Circular Column
Concrete Base