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Who is White Frog?

We are proud to say that we do not only train on the best courseware but we are a reseller for White Frog Training Material in South Africa. The White Frog motivation in setting out to create new training material for the BIM community was to break down several of the preconceived rules surrounding training delivery. Not only did they want to adjust the focus of the taught material away from what each piece of software can do and towards more best-practice advice, but they also wanted to overhaul the way in which training is packaged, sold, delivered and accessed.

Why choose White Frog?

  • Long-term strategy, not just short-term need
  • Truly blended learning with multiple formats
  • Task-based learning with best practice processes
  • Unsurpassed trainer resources



Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a methodology which is at the core of the modern construction process, influencing the way in which popular software applications are used. Instead of simply teaching the features of the software, White Frog training courseware takes the stance of teaching BIM methodology using the available tools in task-based modules. In this way, delegates and students learn best practice and proper procedure in tandem with a new application.